INVESTMENT - Registration Fees in Brazilian Real
Payment with Credit Card
Category Up to 05/31/2019Up to 06/14/2019Up to 07/15/2019Venue
Solaci Member R$ 1.600,00 R$ 2.200,00 R$ 2.500,00 R$ 2.600,00
PhysicianR$ 1.600,00R$ 2.200,00R$ 2.500,00R$ 2.600,00
ResidentR$ 300,00R$ 360,00R$ 430,00R$ 530,00
Student MedicineR$ 300,00R$ 360,00R$ 430,00R$ 530,00
Course PRO EDUCAR - Room Rio Tietę - 08/01/2019 8h30am to 05pm
With registration in the Congresso Free Free Free Free
TAVI´S Teoric Course - Room Rio Tietę - 08/03/2019 8h30am to 05pm
With registration in the Congress R$ 200,00 R$ 300,00 R$ 300,00 R$ 500,00
Without registration in the congress R$ 1.000,00 R$ 1.000,00 R$ 1.000,00 R$ 1.200,00
Hands on - August 1st to 2st (choose date / time / room in grid)
With registration in the Congress (maximum of two sessions per participant) Free Free Free Free
Solaci Nursing Member R$ 340,00 R$ 530,00 R$ 650,00 R$ 750,00
Nurse / Auxiliary / TechnicalR$ 340,00R$ 530,00R$ 650,00R$ 750,00
Nursing studentR$ 60,00R$ 130,00R$ 230,00R$ 330,00
Another health professionalR$ 1.600,00R$ 2.200,00R$ 2.500,00R$ 2.600,00
  • Registration by Internet can be made until 07/19/2019;
  • Registrations will be made through the website and payment with credit card;
  • All registered must sender an document about their category. Payment can only be made after verification of the document by the organization. IN THE DAYS OF THE CHANGE OF PRICES (05/13, 06/14 and 07/15), THE REGISTRATIONS WHO NEED SEND A PROOF OF CATEGORY, MUST BE MADE UP TO 05:00 pm (Brasilia Time);
  • The first author of the abstracts have registration free;;
  • In case of withdrawal, the amounts paid will not be refunded;
  • Special attention to payment deadlines. The amount will be adjusted according to the price list, regardless of the date of registration;
  • SBHCI reserves the right to publish in its media the photos and videos recorded during the event.       If you do not agree, please contact the organization through the email;
  • Informations: ATUAL EVENTOS by phone +55 84 3219-6611 or send a message to