INVESTMENT - Registration Fees in Brazilian Real
Payment with Credit Card
Category Up to 01/15/2020Up to 12/31/2020After 12/31/2020
Associate Iscar - Regular incomeR$ 1.200,00R$ 1.400,00R$ 1.600,00
Non associate Iscar - Regular incomeR$ 1.400,00R$ 1.600,00R$ 1.800,00
Associate Iscar - Low incomeR$ 600,00R$ 800,00R$ 1.000,00
Non associate Iscar - Low incomeR$ 800,00R$ 1.000,00R$ 1.200,00
Student - Associate IscarR$ 400,00R$ 500,00R$ 700,00
Student - Non associate IscarR$ 500,00R$ 600,00R$ 800,00
Primary and Secondary School Teacherīs day R$ 50,00
Phd Day - Regular income R$ 250,00
Phd Day - Low income R$ 150,00
WorkShops R$ 150,00
  • Registration with presentation should be made until 12/30/2020. Registration only for participation should be made until 07/31/2021.
  • Registrations will be made through the website and payment with credit card;
  • The fee can be paid in 3 installments for registrations until January 31st 2020;
  • Low income fees for: countries from Latin America and Caribbean; countries from Africa; Greece; Russian Federation; Ukraine; India;
  • Pre-conference activities and the 6th ISCAR Congress have independent registrations. You must enroll in each one if you want to participate;
  • To participate in the events, receive materials, certificates of participation and presentation of papers is required the payment of the registration.
  • In case of withdrawal, the amounts paid will not be refunded;
  • Special attention to payment deadlines. The amount will be adjusted according to the price list, regardless of the date of registration;
  • Information: ATUAL EVENTOS by phone +55 84 3219-6611 or send a message to